How to Advertise a Home Business and Make Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Most people ignore the most crucial aspect of any online business, and that is getting more people to visit your website. You cannot have success online unless you have targeted traffic coming to your website on a daily basis. Ideally speaking you need hundreds of visitors each day to make a good living online and make money from affiliate marketing. When trying to advertise a home business one great tool you can use are eBay classified ads.

Setting up a classified ad on eBay is rather simple, and can bring a lot of people to your website in just a few days. I find it it a very useful way to advertise a home business, and I am sure that if you learn the basics you will feel the same.

So how do you use these ads to make money from affiliate marketing?

1. You find affiliate products to promote, and set up a classified ad from each product. If you have an autoresponder in place that is great, because you can hook it up to your eBay classified ad. This however is not vital, because you can put a link to your website or blog right into your classified ad.

2. My suggestion is to get at least 3 classified ads up and running on eBay. This will ensure that you will make money on more than just one product, and have multiple streams of income. The key to being a success online is having multiple products to sell, that way if one is not performing well the others are still going to make you money.

3. For each one of these eBay classified ads that you use, you should expect around $60 a month profit. I know that does not sound like a lot of money, but think about the possibilities. If you advertise a home business using 50 or 100 of these ads, you can be pulling in $5,000 or more each month from this alone. What a great ways to make money from affiliate marketing!